Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bootsie answers your questions...

Dear Bootsie: What can I do at the Inn?

Bootsie: I often hear Don and Amy answering questions about what there is to do at the inn. They tell people about the great wineries in the area, the excellent shopping and the beautiful parks, but I rarely hear them mention napping. I've requested that they add it to the activities list on the website. Don can use the GPS to map out my favorite napping spots for you.

Bootsie's Weekly Advice: Always take a nap before making any decisions.


  1. As a lover of all things feline, I can relate to the favorite napping spots. On my next trip to Inn Above Onion Creek, I will make an advanced request that Don provide me with a GPS of the best (as in warmest, sunniest) spots at the Inn!
    Salida CO

  2. When we came to the Inn, a gray cat showed us around the property one morning. is he a friend of Bootsie's?

  3. The gray cat walked us all the way down to the scenic overlook and back :)

  4. Hi Bootsie!!!
    Remember us? We were at the Inn during the XMas Holidays one year; it got REALLY cold one night and you came in our room for a while and snuggled up for one of your famous naps in front of the fireplace and demonstrated your skills admirably. (We were then formally introduced the following morning and learned what we suspected at the time -- You do indeed OWN the place!)
    Glad to see you now have a blog and formally educate all the guests as you did with us that year cuz you are really a professional at what you do!
    Best, Roger & Mary