Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crawfish Boil

Dear Bootsie: I want to plan a hill country family reunion, can you do anything special for us?

Dear Guest: Funny you ask that because we just had a Family Getaway here at the Inn. The Family booked the entire Inn for a Birthday party and family reunion. They had a wonderful time! They relaxed at the pool, played games, and enjoyed many of the hill country attractions. They were able to select their menus while here and Chef Adrian did a fabulous Crawfish Boil one night. It smelled so yummy but they didn't seem to want to share with Nigel and me. I did hear that Nigel got caught trying out the butter though. Check out this great picture of all the delicious food! Makes me hungry! Call us and we'll talk about what special things we can plan for your next hill country family getaway!

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