Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Holiday from The Inn Above Onion Creek

Click the Image above to see the animated version. It shows Santa flying high above the Texas hill country and The Inn Above Onion Creek bed and breakfast in his sleigh.

-Bootsie the Cat

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Van Gogh Paints the Inn Above Onion Creek Bed and Breakfast

Well if Van Gogh was alive this is maybe what it would look like. We do love when artists visit the Inn for an artistic retreat in the Texas hill country. Our bed and breakfast is a relaxing place, for artists and photographers alike, to become inspired by the tranquil setting and breath-taking views.

With dozens of wildflower species blooming during the spring months, the Inn is a great place for Texas wildflower photographers and landscape artists to take advantage of the amazing artistic environment. Call early to book your springtime hill country getaway. Weekends fill up very early at the Inn Above Onion Creek.

-Bootsie the Cat

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Texas Hill Country Motorcycle Tour & Bed and Breakfasts

Touring the Texas hill country on a motorcycle is quickly becoming a destination vacation for many Texans and out of state visitors. The hill country comprises of an area roughly the size of Rhode Island and offers hundreds of miles of lightly traveled back roads that are perfect for a motorcycle cruise. More and more motorcycles owners are looking for a unique motorcycle getaway in Texas and many of those people are making their way to the Inn Above Onion Creek bed and breakfast. Located at the gateway to the Texas hill country it's conveniently located near numerous great rides. The Inn offers luxurious accommodations on an 88 acre property with stunning 20 mile views of the countryside. With 12 guest rooms, a day spa, relaxing pool, and dinner & breakfast included, it's a perfect retreat after a long ride. Check out for more information about lodging for your Texas hill country motorcycle tour.

-Bootsie the Cat

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bed and Breakfast for Veterans Video

The Inn Above Onion Creek, a bed and breakfast in the Texas hill country, opened its doors this Veterans Day and offered free accommodations to US service personnel, active or retired, as part of the bed and breakfast for vets program. Here are what some of those great servicemen and women had to say about this program. Learn more about it at

InnkeepersInn Above Onion Creek

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bed and Breakfast Cinnamon Rolls

Too bad they don't have smell-o-vision computer monitors! These fresh hot cinnamon rolls that Ryan made are amazing! It's a cool fall morning in the Texas hill country and there isn't a better way to start your day at a bed and breakfast than a warm gooey cinnamon roll!

-Bootsie the Cat

Friday, September 10, 2010

Flying Butterflies

Yesterday we uploaded a photo to Facebook of a pair of Queen butterflies floating around the grounds at the Inn Above Onion Creek bed and breakfast. Today we managed to get another nice shot of a couple more feeding on the nectar of some chive flowers. Onions, Chives & Garlic do wonderful in a Fall garden in the Texas hill country.
-Bootsie the Cat

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bruce Bowen at The Inn Above Onion Creek

Three-time NBA Champion Bruce Bowen is visiting the Inn Above Onion Creek Bed and Breakfast this week. He's in town to support the Kyle Golf Classic and will be honored tonight with a proclamation of September 9th as "Bruce Bowen Day" in Kyle, Texas. We are honored to have this NBA champion at our Texas hill country B&B. Bruce is seen here with Amy Dolan, our innkeeper. Either Amy is 6'3" or Bruce is standing on a lower step. Bruce still resides in San Antonio and continues to be a role model as he is active with many local charitable organizations. Bruce and his wife own and operate Yardley's Salon in San Antonio. Inspired by their travels, this resort-style spa offers a relaxing getaway within the city. Visit

-Bootsie the Cat

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wimberley Glassworks Patio Lighting Showcase and Event

Labor Day weekend is a great time to stop by Wimberley Glassworks to check out the Patio Lighting Showcase & Event. There will be design consultants and artisans to help you plan out your lighting schemes and from 2-5pm there will be wine and cheese service. If you haven't visited the beautiful works of art at WGW I highly recommend dropping in this weekend and watch first hand how these masters of glass create amazing works of art.

-Bootsie the Cat

Friday, July 16, 2010

Crave Cupcakes in Houston

We have the nicest guests here at the Inn Above Onion Creek Bed and Breakfast. Today Stephanie brought us Crave Cupcakes from Houston . Crave was recently nominated for having the best cupcakes in Houston and after giving them a try I can see why. Not only are they tasty, they are pretty. Crave has numerous flavors and they bake their cupcakes fresh daily so the flavors are constantly changing. Cupcakes are very in vogue right now and can be found at many Texas hill country weddings.  All of our friends over in Houston should try out these scrumptious treats! Crave Cupcakes has a store on Uptown Park Blvd and is opening a second store in West University soon.
-Bootsie the Cat

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shakespeare Under the Stars Presents Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare Under the Stars, celebrating it's 21st season, will be starting up performances later this month. The educational program was founded with the purpose of exposing middle and high school students to the works of Shakespeare and also give those students the opportunity to perform Shakespeare on stage. The students audition in May and work through the summer memorizing their lines and honing their performances. This year the six week arts program ends with 12 performances of Romeo and Juliet starting on July 26th and running through August 7th at the Emily Ann Theatre and Gardens in Wimberley, Texas. Visit the Emily Ann Theater website to reserve tickets and add some arts and entertainment to your Texas hill country vacation. Bed and Breakfasts vacations can offer all sorts of fun and exciting activities, you just need to get outside of the box. Come visit the Inn Above Onion Creek and experience B&B travel!

-Bootsie the Cat

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bed & Breakfast Chef uses Dewberry Hills Farm Chickens

Chef Galvan continues to find great local food sources.   Dewberry Hills Farm raises "really good chicken". It's a family owned, pastured based farm located in Central Texas specializing in compassionately raised poultry. Dewberry Hills chickens are pasture raised, which allows them to graze and live in a clean environment. Pastured birds are healthier and better tasting than confined chickens, by being able to move around and feed on grass, it allows them to produce omega-3 fatty acids which is an important part of a healthy diet. Another great thing about Dewberry Hills is they process the birds on the farm, and that ensures the birds are handled with care and allows them to have absolute control over the quality. If you're eating chicken at the Inn there is a very good chance it came from Dewberry Hills Farm. Check our online menu to see when we will be serving Dewberry Hills Farm chicken also check out to learn more the benefits of pastured chickens. Hopefully more and more bed and breakfasts and hotels will think locally with their food choices. 

-Bootsie the Cat

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hill Country Barbecue in New York???

You'll all probably seen the Pace Picante Sauce commercials mocking "New - York - City" hot sauce makers, well I guess the New Yorkers have taken to making Texas BBQ. Hill Country Barbecue Market has been getting rave reviews and is a popular destination for celebrities and locals alike. They have a great website where you are greeted with a splash screen with road signs leading to Lockhart and Austin. That tells me these New Yorkers must know a thing or two about BBQ to mention Lockhart, Texas. They have a ton of great reviews on the site that talks about the Beef, Chicken and Pork offerings that Executive Chef Elizabeth Karmel dishes out to the hungry New York crowd. That's a dead giveaway that were talking about New York BBQ though, an executive chef at a BBQ joint, I doubt Smitty's Market or Black's Barbecue have an executive chef but I doubt that Pit Master does much for the resume in New York City. Teasing aside, it is great to know that if you're in the Big Apple and you're looking for some authentic Texas BBQ, you can find it at Hill Country Barbecue Market. Visit their great looking website at and be sure and stop by the next time you are in New York City.

-Bootsie the Cat

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pure Luck Farms Cheese

We try to use fresh and local ingredients in our cooking whenever possible, and we're very proud to offer Pure Luck Farms Cheese here at our Texas bed and breakfast. Pure Luck Farms got started back in the late 1980's and was one of the first certified organic farms in Texas. In 1988 they started with a field of organic cucumbers and were fortunate to find a local buyer who was interested in purchasing organic vegetables. That company was Whole Foods. Obviously Whole Foods has grown some since then, as has Pure Luck. In 1995, after already having expanded into culinary herbs and fresh organic flowers, they made the decision to start a goat dairy. We're very glad they did because Pure Luck produces a wonderful Chevre goat cheese that we often use on our fresh garden salads.
Pure Luck makes a variety of award winning goat cheeses just down the road from the Inn Above Onion Creek, near Dripping Springs, TX. This year the 2009 American Cheese Society Awards took place in Austin, Texas and Pure Luck took home a trio of awards. The Basket Molded Chevre, Feta & Bleu Cheeses all won ribbons at this year's awards, and Pure Luck has bringing home American Cheese Society Awards since 2001, so they are gathering quite a collection of awards. We agree with the ACS, Pure Luck Farms makes some good goat cheese!

-Bootsie the Cat

Saturday, June 26, 2010

65th Annual VFW Rodeo in Wimberley, Texas

photo by Bob Phillips of Texas Country Reporter

The Fourth of July has arrived in the Texas Hill Country and that means the cowboys are back in Wimberley, Texas. The 65th annual VFW Rodeo takes place the first weekend in July and will officially kick off  Thursday the 1st. The Wimberley Rodeo, one of the largest outdoor rodeos in the world, is an exciting three day event that attracts cowboy's from across the country.  It is a sanctioned Pro Bull Riders Assoc. and Cowboys Professional Rodeo Assn. event, so expect to see some of the nation's top cowboys competing in events such as bull riding, roping events, bronc riding and barrel racing. There are lodging accommodations still available July 4th Weekend at the Inn Above Onion Creek Bed & Breakfast, which is conveniently located 12 miles from Wimberley, Texas.

-Bootsie the Cat

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Week the Chef at the Inn Above Onion Creek Bed & Breakfast was picking squash blossoms, this week it's the actual squash.  We're not sure what he plans to do with them but I'm sure it will be tasty. With the three day holiday weekend coming up there are a lot of people coming to the Inn for a long weekend hill country getaway. I can't wait to find out what Chef Galvan has planned for them. You can always check out our menu on our fine dining page and remember that you don't have to be an overnight guest at the Inn to enjoy a great meal in the hill country.

-Bootsie the Cat

Friday, May 21, 2010

Organic Cooking at a Hill Country Bed and Breakfast

Chef Galvan is working overtime on using fresh local ingredients. Yesterday he went out to our garden and picked some squash blossoms for a flatbread appetizer. In the photo you can see him applying a balsamic glaze that he made on the spot. There isn't much that we don't prepare ourselves here in our hill country bed and breakfast kitchen.

-Bootsie the Cat

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hill Country Tour Guide

Most you know I pretty much just lay around the courtyard thinking about what to blog next, but my friend Nigel loves to go walking with the guests at the Inn Above Onion Creek. I've been told that Nigel will even go as far as informing guests with a polite meow that they are headed the wrong direction. He's the official tour guide of the hiking trails here at our bed and breakfast. Be sure and take a hike on our miles of trails during your next hill country vacation at the Inn Above Onion Creek.

-Bootsie the Cat

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blue Bonnet Bed and Breakfast

There are a lot of photo opportunities with all the texas blue bonnets. Here's a shot we took today

-Bootsie the Cat

Kyle Fajita Fiesta

Well Marcos and Ryan seemed pretty happy with the way the fajitas came out at the 2010 Kyle Fajita Fiesta. We'll find out later today how the judges felt. Along with the Fajitas using Mom's Beef, they also entered the salsa and guacamole competitions. As you can tell from the photo they are having a good time representing the Inn Above Onion Creek. We'll let ya'll know how they place.

-Bootsie the Cat

Thursday, April 1, 2010

2010 Fajita Fiesta & BBQ Cook-off April 3rd in Kyle, Texas

On Saturday April 3rd, executive chef Marcos Galvan and his sous chef Ryan Castille will be competing in the 2010 Kyle Fajita Fiesta & BBQ Cook-off. Marcos and Ryan will be entering the Beef Fajita division and they have a secret weapon in their arsenal, MOM's Beef. MOM's beef is raised down the road by Sharon Michaelis and it's amazing! We like to think it's the Kobe Beef of the texas hill country. The cows are mainly feed grass that has not been treated with herbicides, along with a daily serving of grain. Many times you can find the cows roaming around the Inn Above Onion Creek as Sharon brings the cows down the road to us so they can graze on our native grasses. If you're going to be visiting the Inn Above Onion Creek this weekend be sure and stop by the Fajita Fiesta to show your support for MOM's Beef and the "Fajita Kings", plus there will be free samples of all the great food. Located at the historic City Square Park in downtown Kyle, Texas.

-Bootsie the Cat

Fringed Sneezeweed

With the live oaks molting there is a lot of pollen floating around the Texas hill country. This wildflower is aptly named Fringed Sneezeweed. Don't forget to bring your allergy medicine if you're going to be visiting the Inn Above Onion Creek soon.

-Bootsie the Cat

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Butterflies Return To The Inn Above Onion Creek

With all the Texas wildflowers blooming we have begun to spot numerous species of butterflies floating around the grounds at the Inn Above Onion Creek. A group of tiger swallowtails were feeding on the mountain laurel last evening before dinner and we were able to snap a great shot that we'd like to share. The grape like smell that the mountain laurel emits is amazing and I can see why the butterflies are attracted to it's sweet nectar.

-Bootsie the Cat

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Texas Wildflowers in the Hill Country

More and more texas wildflowers are blooming here at the Inn Above Onion Creek bed and breakfast. The Texas Redbuds and Mexican Plum trees are in full bloom as well. We hope you enjoy the pictures.

-Bootsie the Cat

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blooms in the Hill Country

Wow! This warm weather is doing wonders for all of the beautiful Texas hill country wild flowers. Today we spotted the very first bluebonnet bloom. It's not in it's full glory but we are none the less excited. You wouldn't believe how fragrant the air is with all of the blossoms popping up around the Inn. The Texas plum trees are in their full glory and they are adding a sweet smell to the air. The Texas mountain laurel are beginning to show their pretty purple blooms as well. Their fragrant grape-like smell should be in the air later this week. Springtime in the Texas hill country is an amazing time and we hope that you can visit the Inn Above Onion Creek while nature's glory is in full bloom.

-Bootsie the Cat

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yellow Primrose Blooming at Inn Above Onion Creek

With the start of wildflower season in the Texas hill country, we will try to upload photos as we spot new wildflowers at the Inn Above Onion Creek. A few yellow primrose have been popping up near the main Inn. Here's a photo we took today.

-Bootsie the Cat

Monday, March 8, 2010

First Texas Wildflowers of The Season

The first wildflowers of the season have sprung up at the Inn Above Onion Creek. Here are three varieties we found the other day. We could use your help, does anyone know their names?

-Bootsie the Cat

Blue Bonnets in the Texas Hill Country

The bluebonnets are coming! We are going to have an amazing Texas wild flower season here at the Inn Above Onion Creek. From the pictures you can tell the paths are full of bluebonnets already and we expect them to start blooming later this month. March and April are prime months for Texas bluebonnets at the Inn and this year should be one of the best we've ever had. There is a wide variety of wildflowers that can be spotted here including skeleton weed, indian blankets, mexican hats, winecups and many others. It's an amazing sight to see and we hope you can find time to come out and visit the Inn during wildflower season. -Bootsie the Cat

Friday, March 5, 2010

Best of Citysearch Contest

Thank you to all of our friends that have voted for us in the "Best of Citysearch" contest. The Inn Above Onion Creek is currently in the running for best luxury hotel in Austin. Turns out you can vote once a day, and we're very proud of our Inn so we're hoping our friends can "stuff" the ballot box and continue to vote for us. You can sign in and vote using your facebook sign-in info so it's easy to place a vote. Just follow this link.

-Bootsie the Cat

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beautiful Views at The Inn Above Onion Creek

If you're visiting the Inn Above Onion Creek soon, be sure and take a hike down to the overlook and creekside. With our hill country location you'll only hear the tranquil sounds of the flowing onion creek. If you can't make it to the Inn anytime soon, here are some pictures we took yesterday for you to enjoy.

-Bootsie the Cat

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Celebrate Martin Luther King Day at The Inn Above Onion Creek

Need plans for the upcoming three day weekend? Take advantage of our hill country lodging special. Book a room Jan 15th and 16th and get the 17th half off!

-Bootsie the Cat

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Book Holidays Early at The Inn Above Onion Creek

The Inn Above Onion Creek is a popular destination for holiday vacations in the Texas hill country. Be sure and book early to ensure you can get a room. As of January 1st there are six rooms remaining for Thanksgiving and only three for New Year's Eve.

-Bootsie the Cat