Saturday, March 27, 2010

Butterflies Return To The Inn Above Onion Creek

With all the Texas wildflowers blooming we have begun to spot numerous species of butterflies floating around the grounds at the Inn Above Onion Creek. A group of tiger swallowtails were feeding on the mountain laurel last evening before dinner and we were able to snap a great shot that we'd like to share. The grape like smell that the mountain laurel emits is amazing and I can see why the butterflies are attracted to it's sweet nectar.

-Bootsie the Cat

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Texas Wildflowers in the Hill Country

More and more texas wildflowers are blooming here at the Inn Above Onion Creek bed and breakfast. The Texas Redbuds and Mexican Plum trees are in full bloom as well. We hope you enjoy the pictures.

-Bootsie the Cat

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blooms in the Hill Country

Wow! This warm weather is doing wonders for all of the beautiful Texas hill country wild flowers. Today we spotted the very first bluebonnet bloom. It's not in it's full glory but we are none the less excited. You wouldn't believe how fragrant the air is with all of the blossoms popping up around the Inn. The Texas plum trees are in their full glory and they are adding a sweet smell to the air. The Texas mountain laurel are beginning to show their pretty purple blooms as well. Their fragrant grape-like smell should be in the air later this week. Springtime in the Texas hill country is an amazing time and we hope that you can visit the Inn Above Onion Creek while nature's glory is in full bloom.

-Bootsie the Cat

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yellow Primrose Blooming at Inn Above Onion Creek

With the start of wildflower season in the Texas hill country, we will try to upload photos as we spot new wildflowers at the Inn Above Onion Creek. A few yellow primrose have been popping up near the main Inn. Here's a photo we took today.

-Bootsie the Cat

Monday, March 8, 2010

First Texas Wildflowers of The Season

The first wildflowers of the season have sprung up at the Inn Above Onion Creek. Here are three varieties we found the other day. We could use your help, does anyone know their names?

-Bootsie the Cat

Blue Bonnets in the Texas Hill Country

The bluebonnets are coming! We are going to have an amazing Texas wild flower season here at the Inn Above Onion Creek. From the pictures you can tell the paths are full of bluebonnets already and we expect them to start blooming later this month. March and April are prime months for Texas bluebonnets at the Inn and this year should be one of the best we've ever had. There is a wide variety of wildflowers that can be spotted here including skeleton weed, indian blankets, mexican hats, winecups and many others. It's an amazing sight to see and we hope you can find time to come out and visit the Inn during wildflower season. -Bootsie the Cat

Friday, March 5, 2010

Best of Citysearch Contest

Thank you to all of our friends that have voted for us in the "Best of Citysearch" contest. The Inn Above Onion Creek is currently in the running for best luxury hotel in Austin. Turns out you can vote once a day, and we're very proud of our Inn so we're hoping our friends can "stuff" the ballot box and continue to vote for us. You can sign in and vote using your facebook sign-in info so it's easy to place a vote. Just follow this link.

-Bootsie the Cat

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beautiful Views at The Inn Above Onion Creek

If you're visiting the Inn Above Onion Creek soon, be sure and take a hike down to the overlook and creekside. With our hill country location you'll only hear the tranquil sounds of the flowing onion creek. If you can't make it to the Inn anytime soon, here are some pictures we took yesterday for you to enjoy.

-Bootsie the Cat