Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beautiful Views at The Inn Above Onion Creek

If you're visiting the Inn Above Onion Creek soon, be sure and take a hike down to the overlook and creekside. With our hill country location you'll only hear the tranquil sounds of the flowing onion creek. If you can't make it to the Inn anytime soon, here are some pictures we took yesterday for you to enjoy.

-Bootsie the Cat


  1. Bootsie, kudos to you... you are quite the talented photographer! Can't wait to see you again soon. Hopefully the creek will still be flowing when we get there.

  2. Not only do I hope that the creek is flowing but that flowers are blooming when I come next weekend!

  3. This is so beautiful indeed. I can feel how peaceful staying in there would be.

    JD (kitchen remodeling)