Friday, July 16, 2010

Crave Cupcakes in Houston

We have the nicest guests here at the Inn Above Onion Creek Bed and Breakfast. Today Stephanie brought us Crave Cupcakes from Houston . Crave was recently nominated for having the best cupcakes in Houston and after giving them a try I can see why. Not only are they tasty, they are pretty. Crave has numerous flavors and they bake their cupcakes fresh daily so the flavors are constantly changing. Cupcakes are very in vogue right now and can be found at many Texas hill country weddings.  All of our friends over in Houston should try out these scrumptious treats! Crave Cupcakes has a store on Uptown Park Blvd and is opening a second store in West University soon.
-Bootsie the Cat

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shakespeare Under the Stars Presents Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare Under the Stars, celebrating it's 21st season, will be starting up performances later this month. The educational program was founded with the purpose of exposing middle and high school students to the works of Shakespeare and also give those students the opportunity to perform Shakespeare on stage. The students audition in May and work through the summer memorizing their lines and honing their performances. This year the six week arts program ends with 12 performances of Romeo and Juliet starting on July 26th and running through August 7th at the Emily Ann Theatre and Gardens in Wimberley, Texas. Visit the Emily Ann Theater website to reserve tickets and add some arts and entertainment to your Texas hill country vacation. Bed and Breakfasts vacations can offer all sorts of fun and exciting activities, you just need to get outside of the box. Come visit the Inn Above Onion Creek and experience B&B travel!

-Bootsie the Cat

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bed & Breakfast Chef uses Dewberry Hills Farm Chickens

Chef Galvan continues to find great local food sources.   Dewberry Hills Farm raises "really good chicken". It's a family owned, pastured based farm located in Central Texas specializing in compassionately raised poultry. Dewberry Hills chickens are pasture raised, which allows them to graze and live in a clean environment. Pastured birds are healthier and better tasting than confined chickens, by being able to move around and feed on grass, it allows them to produce omega-3 fatty acids which is an important part of a healthy diet. Another great thing about Dewberry Hills is they process the birds on the farm, and that ensures the birds are handled with care and allows them to have absolute control over the quality. If you're eating chicken at the Inn there is a very good chance it came from Dewberry Hills Farm. Check our online menu to see when we will be serving Dewberry Hills Farm chicken also check out to learn more the benefits of pastured chickens. Hopefully more and more bed and breakfasts and hotels will think locally with their food choices. 

-Bootsie the Cat

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hill Country Barbecue in New York???

You'll all probably seen the Pace Picante Sauce commercials mocking "New - York - City" hot sauce makers, well I guess the New Yorkers have taken to making Texas BBQ. Hill Country Barbecue Market has been getting rave reviews and is a popular destination for celebrities and locals alike. They have a great website where you are greeted with a splash screen with road signs leading to Lockhart and Austin. That tells me these New Yorkers must know a thing or two about BBQ to mention Lockhart, Texas. They have a ton of great reviews on the site that talks about the Beef, Chicken and Pork offerings that Executive Chef Elizabeth Karmel dishes out to the hungry New York crowd. That's a dead giveaway that were talking about New York BBQ though, an executive chef at a BBQ joint, I doubt Smitty's Market or Black's Barbecue have an executive chef but I doubt that Pit Master does much for the resume in New York City. Teasing aside, it is great to know that if you're in the Big Apple and you're looking for some authentic Texas BBQ, you can find it at Hill Country Barbecue Market. Visit their great looking website at and be sure and stop by the next time you are in New York City.

-Bootsie the Cat