Thursday, September 1, 2011 Corporate Retreat & Strategic Planning Session

Thanks to Q2ebanking for holding their 2011 corporate retreat at our hill country bed and breakfast. The management team seemed to have a great time and we received numerous comments on how much they enjoyed the food & service and that they were able to accomplish more that they anticipated. Q2ebanking is based out of Austin, TX and offers electronic banking services for financial institutions.

The retreat was lead by David Peterson of i7strategies out of Hahira, GA. David decided to convert our dining room to hold the strategic planning sessions. From the photo above you can see a u-shaped table arrangement was used and it worked very well for the group of 14. The library which is normally used for meetings was used for breakout sessions.

What's one way to make sure you have the group's attention when holding a group meeting? Hold attendee's cell phone's hostage! David would collect cell phones during meeting time and release them during breaks and finally after the day's activities had ended. None of the guys seemed to mind and they all had great things to say about David's strategic planning skills.

-Bootsie the Cat

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tri-Delta Girlfriend Getaways

Two Generations of Tri-Delta

We had an exciting weekend for girlfriend getaways in the Texas hill country. Interestingly enough we had two separate groups of Tri-Delta sorority alumni choose the Inn Above Onion Creek Bed and Breakfast for their pledge class reunions. Over 30 years separate their pledge classes, one from the late 1960's and the other from 2000 but they are sisters none the less. Just proves how smart those Tri-Delta women are when choosing a location for a hill country getaway!
-Bootsie the Cat

Friday, June 24, 2011

KXAN Austin News Crew Visits The Inn Above Onion Creek

KXAN Austin News anchor David Scott stopped by the Inn Above Onion Creek today to interview our Innkeeper, Amy Dolan. Mr Scott was interesting in what effects we've begun seeing with the upcoming Formula 1 Circuit of the Americas Race. 

Amy Dolan gets mic'd up for the interview with David Scott of KXAN Austin News

Some of you may not be aware that Austin has won the host city honors for the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix. It's a world class event that will not only bring amazing racing but also millions of dollars to the Austin, Texas economy. Austin, Texas bed and breakfasts are expected to see a large number of reservations for folks coming in to see the race, including many europeans making their way to Austin to take in the race and enjoy a Texas hill country getaway. See if you can catch Amy tonight on the KXAN evening news.

-Bootsie the Cat

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chef Galvan @ Farm, Fresh, Taste Event at Sunset Valley Farmers Market

Several of Austin's top chefs, including our very own, Chef Marcos Galvan, will be presenting culinary treats at SFC Farmers Market at Sunset Valley. The chef's will create fresh tastes that include ingredients from local vendors. Chef Galvan will be serving a mushroom bruschetta using locally grown mushrooms and freshly baked bread. 

Stop by and see Chef Galvan from 9 am to 1 pm - 3200 Jones Road at The Toney Burger Center

Find additional info at

-Bootsie the Cat

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Texas Hill Country Herb Garden

The Inn Above Onion Creek has beautiful flower gardens and a productive vegetable garden but the original herb garden in the main courtyard had lost it's way over the years. The large rosemary plants crowded out the mexican mint marigold, tarragon and other herb plants that were planted in the beginning days of the Inn. Well we're ready to bring the herb garden back to it's original glory.

Here you can see Brian Bayer and Chef Marcos Galvan discussing how to revamp the herb garden. We met Brian in a recent blog post about the Kyle 150 market. He tends to a garden at the Michaelis Ranch and supplies the inn with freshly picked organic vegetables, which Chef Galvan uses in many of the Inn's evening meals. Brian also sells his fresh vegetables every thursday at the local farmers market held on the Michaelis Ranch. 

Proudly displaying his hard work, Brian readies a sweet basil plant for planting. If you're located in the Texas Hill Country and you would like help planting a herb garden, Brian is available for hire. He is currently working on a degree in horticulture at Texas State University.

-Bootsie the Cat

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Central Texas Hot Air Balloon Rides

The Texas hill country is amazingly beautiful and there are countless great country roads that offer scenic drives but have you thought about taking in the views from high above? On my way into the Inn Above Onion Creek bed and breakfast I captured some photos of folks that had just that idea. They were getting ready to go airborne when I hopped out to take a couple of quick photos. I did a quick internet search and found a webpage here that has some listings for hot air balloon companies for Austin and Central Texas. Maybe for your next hill country getaway you could go for a hot air balloon ride and make it a trip to remember.

Getting ready for take-off.

Looks like fun.

I can only imagine of some of the great photos she got that day. The one she's taking of me in this photo is not one of them.

Showing Texas pride high above the hill country.

-Bootsie the Cat

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Grand Opening for "150 Market" Farmers Market in Kyle, Texas.

We're very excited to announce that the grand opening of the 150 Market farmers market has finally arrived. The local farmers market was the brainchild of Sharon Michaelis (seen above) and takes place on the Michaelis Ranch, 25 miles south of Austin, Texas on FM 150 and is just down the road from the Inn Above Onion Creek. The 150 Market features dozens of vendors that are offering locally grown produce, fresh eggs and even beef raised right on the Michaelis Ranch.

Brian Bayer is one of the many local vendors featured at the 150 market (seen here with some fresh lettuce that was grown about 20 feet from where the photo was taken). Brian and our very own Chef Galvan have been friends for years, such good friends that Chef was a groomsman at Brian's wedding. Brian is currently a student at Texas State majoring in horticulture and tends to a garden on the Michaelis Ranch. In fact, it was due to Chef Galvan that Brian came to the Michaelis Ranch. About a year ago, Chef introduced Brian to Sharon Michaelis knowing that Sharon was looking to start a farmers market. They instantly worked out a program where Brian would tend to a garden on the ranch and it's worked out wonderfully for everyone, including our guests who get to enjoy the fresh locally grown produce.

The 150 market has a great selection of local vendors. You can find locally raised lamb, fresh honey, organic hummus and even our very own "Mom's Beef Lasagna", made by Chef Galvan, and includes beef raised right on the Michaelis Ranch. Here you can see Sharon Michaelis talking with market guests in the cabin. If you're visiting the Inn Above Onion Creek on a Thursday be sure and stop and see the dozens of local vendors offering sustainable and locally produced products.

The 150 market takes place on Saturdays from 1-4pm at the Michaelis Ranch.

-Bootsie the Cat

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stuffed French Toast

A bit of Karma took place today at the Inn Above Onion Creek. I was checking out the Jumping Rocks Photography blog and their most recent post highlighted a great photo of stuffed french toast. I peeked my head into the dining room and and low and behold we were serving stuffed french toast. Matt and Mark of Jumping Rocks do amazing architectural photography and are probably considered the best Bed and Breakfast photographers in the country.  A couple of years ago we were fortunate to have them come take photos of Maurice's Cottage and Guest Room and they have been an inspiration to me ever since. Along with their great photos of Inns they also do amazing food photography and being inspired I decided to take a crack at reproducing Jumping Rocks great photo. Here are a few attempts to make food look as good as Jumping Rocks Does. You can check out the fore-mentioned JR blog post here.

A Top Down View

I like the shallow depth of field with this one.

I think the Texas Red Bud blossoms add a nice touch

Friday, February 25, 2011

Signs of Spring in the Texas Hill Country

One of our Mexican Plum Tree has blossomed and the Texas redbud is close behind.  These are the first signs of spring arriving in the Texas hill country at our bed and breakfast inn. Springtime is beautiful here in Central Texas and we're hoping for a great wildflower season. We'll keep you posted on all of the beautiful changes taking place on our 88 acre grounds.

-Bootsie the Cat

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Author Rachel Eliza Griffiths Visits Texas Hill Country

A few times a year we are very honored to host guest authors visiting the Katherine Anne Porter Literary Center. Recently the very talented poet, painter & photographer, Rachel Eliza Griffiths was a guest at the Inn Above Onion Creek.  Her most recent publication is titled, The Requited Distance, and is a lovely collection of poetry. The image above is the cover art which Rachel painted herself. She was a very gracious guest and we hope she finds her way back to the Texas Hill Country very soon.

-Bootsie the Cat

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Texas Hill Country Activities For A Romantic Getaway

Visiting the Inn Above Onion Creek for a romantic Texas getaway this Valentines Day? We have a few ideas that might make your stay in the hill country one to remember.

Go Wine Tasting. Driftwood Vineyards offers an amazing view from the tasting room. Duchman Family Winery is a state of the art winery that offers tours on the hour from noon to 7pm. After the tour stop by Trattoria Lisina for a delicious lunch at the Tuscan style restaurant owned by Damian Mandola.

Fly On A Zipline. Book a tour with Wimberley Zipline Adventures, where you can fly high above the Texas hill country. The tour consists of 8 separate ziplines and offers almost a total of 3/4 mile of zipline fun.

Indulge in Chocolates. Stop by Sweet Wimberley where you can get some decadent home-made treats for your sweet.

Watch Artists in Motion. Visit Wimberley Glassworks and watch the local artisans make amazing works of arts from glass and fire.

Visit The Spa. A side-by-side couples massage is a very romantic way to spend a hour or so together. We have other great spa treatments that you and your honey and enjoy together. Visit our spa menu page to see a full list of services available.

Call us if you have any questions regarding your romantic getaway in the Texas hill country.You might want to take advantage of a special package that include visits to the above locations and many others.

-Bootsie the Cat

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ringing In The New Year In The Texas Hill Country

Ringing in the new year in the Texas Hill Country at the relaxing Inn Above Onion Creek bed and breakfast is a great way for Mr. and Mrs. Claus to celebrate another successful holiday season. While most guests at the Inn won't be using the pool anytime soon, Santa and his bride find the cool waters refreshing compared to the frigid waters of the North Pole. January is a big month for vacation planning so be sure and make your reservations soon for your next visit to the Texas Hill Country. Try something exciting in 2011 like a trip to Wimberley Zipline Adventures. You don't have to go to Costa Rica to enjoy flying high above a canopy of trees. Wimberley Zipline offers 8 separate ziplines with almost a mile of zipline flying. A educational walking tour and gorgeous 15 mile views highlight the 2 hour adventure. Visit to book your flight.

-Bootsie the Cat