Thursday, March 31, 2011

Central Texas Hot Air Balloon Rides

The Texas hill country is amazingly beautiful and there are countless great country roads that offer scenic drives but have you thought about taking in the views from high above? On my way into the Inn Above Onion Creek bed and breakfast I captured some photos of folks that had just that idea. They were getting ready to go airborne when I hopped out to take a couple of quick photos. I did a quick internet search and found a webpage here that has some listings for hot air balloon companies for Austin and Central Texas. Maybe for your next hill country getaway you could go for a hot air balloon ride and make it a trip to remember.

Getting ready for take-off.

Looks like fun.

I can only imagine of some of the great photos she got that day. The one she's taking of me in this photo is not one of them.

Showing Texas pride high above the hill country.

-Bootsie the Cat


  1. Pretty sure I would rather enjoy the hill country from the ground level but I am sure that the balloon riders captured some very lovely views!

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  3. So what was the list of companies that you found ?? I'm considering it!