Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chef Galvan @ Farm, Fresh, Taste Event at Sunset Valley Farmers Market

Several of Austin's top chefs, including our very own, Chef Marcos Galvan, will be presenting culinary treats at SFC Farmers Market at Sunset Valley. The chef's will create fresh tastes that include ingredients from local vendors. Chef Galvan will be serving a mushroom bruschetta using locally grown mushrooms and freshly baked bread. 

Stop by and see Chef Galvan from 9 am to 1 pm - 3200 Jones Road at The Toney Burger Center

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-Bootsie the Cat

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Texas Hill Country Herb Garden

The Inn Above Onion Creek has beautiful flower gardens and a productive vegetable garden but the original herb garden in the main courtyard had lost it's way over the years. The large rosemary plants crowded out the mexican mint marigold, tarragon and other herb plants that were planted in the beginning days of the Inn. Well we're ready to bring the herb garden back to it's original glory.

Here you can see Brian Bayer and Chef Marcos Galvan discussing how to revamp the herb garden. We met Brian in a recent blog post about the Kyle 150 market. He tends to a garden at the Michaelis Ranch and supplies the inn with freshly picked organic vegetables, which Chef Galvan uses in many of the Inn's evening meals. Brian also sells his fresh vegetables every thursday at the local farmers market held on the Michaelis Ranch. 

Proudly displaying his hard work, Brian readies a sweet basil plant for planting. If you're located in the Texas Hill Country and you would like help planting a herb garden, Brian is available for hire. He is currently working on a degree in horticulture at Texas State University.

-Bootsie the Cat