Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Heavy Rain in the Texas Hill Country

The winds howled and the sky lit up last night as a massive thunderstorm dropped over 4 inches of rain on the Inn Above Onion Creek bed and breakfast. Onion Creek which has been dry for almost 2 years is now delivering the wonderful sounds of a flowing creek. The Inn received enough rain over the fall to get the Texas Bluebonnets started and prospects are good for a solid Texas wildflower season. Here at the Inn prime Bluebonnet season tends to be late March into early April but with the unpredictable Texas weather that can shift slightly. Once the Bluebonnet thin out many other Texas wildflowers begin blooming and with some helpful spring rains wildflower season can last well into May. There are not many weekend nights available during wildflower season so I would recommend booking your Texas hill country wildflower vacation tour soon.

-Bootsie the Cat


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