Saturday, May 24, 2014

Just Peachy!

Ed and Jeanne's 48th visit to the Inn!
I'm sure you all have heard us say it at least once, but we like to say it when we can: we have the best guests in the world! That's why it is such a treat for us when we have our guests come back to visit.

One of our most frequenting couples, Ed and Jeanne, just stopped by for their 48th visit to the Inn! Don't they make such a swell couple? This time around Ed and Jeanne decided to check out Vogel's Orchard for some of this summer's first ripe Texas peaches. 

If you're looking for something fun and seasonal to do this Memorial Day, a visit to the orchard is a great option-- it's romantic, fun, and tasty! Vogel's is only an hour away from Sage Hill Inn. 

You can find out more about planning a visit here:

-Bootsie the Cat

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