Friday, December 30, 2016

Give Yourself a Sage Hill Inn & Spa 2017 Giveaway

Book a stay Friday and Saturday night and get Sunday night free the whole month of January 2017 as a thank you from Sage Hill! Not valid with any other offers. New Year new you! Book an All the Time in the World spa package and receive a bonus of $50 gift certificate in the month of January.

Must call the hotel at 512.268.1617 to book these offers!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy Holidays from all of us at Sage Hill Inn & Spa

As yet another year draws to a close I would like to thank you once again for being a guest of Sage Hill Inn & Spa. Sage Hill Inn has expanded over the years, always trying to take our property up to the next level to offer a unique experience to our guest. This year we have touched up all the small details in many of our rooms, expanded our gardens and orchard, given a few rescue bees a new home and received some heritage Cotton Patch geese to do our part to preserve this bit of Americana. In addtion, the Inn continues to recieve countless awards, including  this year from TripAdvisor, Select Registry, Vogue and many other publications. We do know that we couldn’t do what we do without each and every single guest that we get the pleasure of caring for while you are here. I can speak for each employee here when I say that we have the best guests and are lucky to be able to work here to serve you. We hope to see each of your faces again here soon.
Happy Holidays & Kindest Regards,

Justin “Raif” Raiford 
General Manager
Sage Hill Inn & Spa

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sage Hill Inn & Spa 
Honey for the Holidays

Sage Hill Inn & Spa is now home to two bee hives, roughly 50-70k bees! Their caretaker and master beekeeper is Sage Hill's very own General Manager Raif. He checks on them every other week to make sure there are no pests in the hives.
This season the queen has laid many eggs and workers are busy collecting pollen and nectar. Since Sage Hill has plenty of wildflowers year round, the bees are very happy. During the cold months some of the workers die off and all of the males are thrown out of the hive leaving only the females to keep the queen warm and safe.
Central Texas gets one honey flow in late spring and early summer and then again in fall when the fall wildflowers are in bloom. The average per hive is 25-30 lbs of honey, sometimes up to 100 lbs. Sage Hill will harvest again in early summer and fall of 2017. 
Sage Hill's queen bee has stopped laying for the time being and won’t lay again until early February. SInce this year was Sage Hill's first harvest, the honey and wax collection has been minimal. However, next spring and summer, Sage Hill should have plenty of happy bees making lots of honey to use in the Garden Spa for face and hair masks and for the wax used for hand and foot dips. In the kitchen at the Sage Hill Restaurant, the honey is used to make sweets, vinaigrettes and to sweeten tea.

Friday, December 9, 2016

                                          Hydrate for the Holidays!

Now you can purchase a gift box of the wonderful Theis Raiford products developed by Sage Hill's General Manager Raif and used at the Garden Spa at Sage Hill Inn & Spa. These His and Hers gift boxes retail for $150 each, however friends of Sage Hill may purchase them for $125 and pick them up at Sage Hill or ship them anywhere in the USA for a minimal cost.  Here's what's included:

1 32 oz ancient salt soak
1 8 oz Dead Sea Salt and Argan oil scrub
1 4 oz Organic Healing Body Butter
1 10ml Soothe Serum for Stress, Anxiety, Migraines
1 4.5 oz Cold Process Soap

All contained in a in a gift box with tissue! Why not give something hydrating this holiday season!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sage Hill Inn & Spa Welcomes Cooler Weather 
and Plenty of Reasons to Cozy Up at the Inn

The main firepit at Sage Hill Inn & Spa

Cooler weather has finally arrived and with temperatures dropping, what better reason to get away for a cozy, intimate stay at Sage Hill Inn & Spa. The Autumn sunsets are gorgeous and you'll be mesmerized by the sweeping view of the stars, especially when you've gathered 'round the main firepit with a bottle of wine, snacks, even toasted a marshmallow or two.

The Ranch House at Sage Hill Inn & Spa

Sage Hill Inn has one of the largest grounds of any Texas hotel, resort or bed and breakfast, so enjoy the amenities while you're here. Take in the stunning scenery of the Hill Country during your stay, as well as nature hikes, bocce ball and horseshoes. In the Sage Hill rooms, you’ll find lots of space to stretch out and enjoy fireplaces, luxurious bathrooms, entertainment centers, faux down mattresses, relaxing porches, and many thoughtful features. Come and stay awhile for this wonderful time of the year!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Chef Autumn's Cheeseboard:
Perfect for Holiday Entertaining

A cheese board is essential to any dinner party and a great way to keep guests distracted and out of your kitchen while you are busy cooking that holiday dinner. Here's Chef Autumn's recommendations for the perfect cheese board.
First, select a great board or use your favorite platter, big enough to feature a variety of cheeses, nuts and fruit spreads. When it comes to the cheese selection, the classic rules are to select a hard, soft, bleu, and aged cheese. Chef Autumn recommends to have at least four to five varieties of cheese. For instance, select a couple different milk varieties as well as a mixture of soft and firm cheeses. To complement everything, Chef Autumn add fresh berries, toasted nuts, herbs from the Sage Hill garden, and Sage Hill's house made jam!
Assembling the board: Start by placing the cheese in different corners of your board. Fill in the gaps with sliced figs, dates, cured meats, crackers, grapes, almonds, quince paste, and olives. Pick whatever ingredients are in season and look delicious. Berries alwsy add nice color. Place some ingredients directly on the board and some others in small bowls. Finally, add something unexpected, like a chunk of honey comb--it’s unique and wonderful paired with nuttier cheese or even bleu cheese.
Soon enough, Chef Autumn will be adding Sage Hill's very own honeycomb to her cheeseboards!

Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Sage Hill Inn & Spa Prepares for Blue Bonnet Season

Every Fall the dedicated staff at Sage Hill plants the blue bonnet seeds. They germinate in the fall and grow throughout the winter, blooming early inthe Spring time.

Ready to plant your seeds? Here's a few tips from Sage Hill.

1. If your site is not weedy, the process is relatively easy. Mow the vegetation to 6-8 inches and rake up the thatch. 
2. Try to open up some bare areas to allow the seeds to make contact with the soil. 
3. For bare ground, plant seeds on a lightly tilled or slightly roughened soil surface for best seed-soil contact. 

And the final step...wait for Spring to come!