Monday, November 21, 2016

Chef Autumn's Cheeseboard:
Perfect for Holiday Entertaining

A cheese board is essential to any dinner party and a great way to keep guests distracted and out of your kitchen while you are busy cooking that holiday dinner. Here's Chef Autumn's recommendations for the perfect cheese board.
First, select a great board or use your favorite platter, big enough to feature a variety of cheeses, nuts and fruit spreads. When it comes to the cheese selection, the classic rules are to select a hard, soft, bleu, and aged cheese. Chef Autumn recommends to have at least four to five varieties of cheese. For instance, select a couple different milk varieties as well as a mixture of soft and firm cheeses. To complement everything, Chef Autumn add fresh berries, toasted nuts, herbs from the Sage Hill garden, and Sage Hill's house made jam!
Assembling the board: Start by placing the cheese in different corners of your board. Fill in the gaps with sliced figs, dates, cured meats, crackers, grapes, almonds, quince paste, and olives. Pick whatever ingredients are in season and look delicious. Berries alwsy add nice color. Place some ingredients directly on the board and some others in small bowls. Finally, add something unexpected, like a chunk of honey comb--it’s unique and wonderful paired with nuttier cheese or even bleu cheese.
Soon enough, Chef Autumn will be adding Sage Hill's very own honeycomb to her cheeseboards!

Happy Holidays!

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